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November 5, 2011
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Melody, or "Mel" for short, was an avid traveler.  Name a country or a city and she's been there!  Mel is an archaeologist, a damn good one at that.  Hut, being a women in a "boy's-club" has its draw backs:  No one thinks she can take care of herself, very few men taker seriously and of course, she was hot; by default not smart.  Mel had proven them wrong with this preconceived notions many times over, but it never stuck.  Mel was leggy, with blonde hair down to her butt, with an ample bosom and piercing green eyes.  Some speculate that she was the inspiration for ZZ Top's "Legs", but Mel knew that was bull!

One night, after returning from an excavation from deep within the amazon, Mel felt very ill.  She ran to her bathroom many times that night, each time feeling worse and worse.  The next morning, Mel drove herself to the doctors.  She wasn't sexually active, or at least hadn't been for several months, her boyfriend didn't like her traveling, yet Mel was worried because she traveled so much; she had many, many vaccinations and physicals,  what if they forgot something?

The doctor ran through the usual routine of blood tests and medical record snooping before diagnosing Melody:  She had been infected with a parasite!  This diagnosis was bitter-sweet, they knew why she was ill, but still needed to figure out how to treat her.  More tests and hours later, the doctor informed Melody that she had been infected by a rare, endangered parasite that could not be trated with any medications to kill it, that would break the law.  They could remove it surgically and place it in a "safe habitat", but the paperwork was tedious and took months to finish.  Annoyed, Mel knew that she'd be forced to act as host toher parasite for a while before anything could be done.

Before leaving, the doctor gave Mel a prescription of assorted B-vitamins to keep her strength up while the paperwork was being processed.  He also informed her that she was forbidden to travel outside her state, the law would see her as "smuggling an endangered species".  Melody cussed out the superfluous laws as she drove home.

Sighing, Melody sat on her couch, without work her life was DULL.  As days passed, Melody was finally able to get over the vomiting part of her affliction and relax.  But a new problem emerged.  The parasite had decided to make its "home" int he absolute center of her belly, and since the parasite was constantly feeding off of Melody, it would grow before it could be removed.

One week passed since her diagnosis, her "friend" had grown enough to cause her belly to swell, now her jeans were too tight to fit comfortably.  The button would squeeze her gut and the zipper was constantly slipping down.  Mel had no choice but to resort to her stretchy pajama bottoms.

The second week had come and now Melody had trouble getting her shirts down over her swelling belly.  Her size was ridiculous, it looked like she was pregnant with the parasite now.

By the third week Melody was fed up!  Not only did her shirts fail to cover her entire swelling belly, she was now getting heavier.  Melody called her doctor and explained the siutation, but he reminded her that until the paperwork was finalized, it was illegal for anyone to do anything to the parasite.

Week four and Melody was getting bigger.  No shirt covered her middle at all!  At best, Mel looked like she was wearing a tube-top and sporting a 5 month pregnant belly.  Annoyed and tired, Melody drove to the clinic, with a heavy coat covering her and showed her doctor.  The look on his face worried Melody.  Her doctor took her into the examination room and ran more tests.  Her vitals were still stable, but her size was alarming.  Out of curiosity, the doctor ultrasounded her belly and saw that the parasite had actually managed to move its way out of her intestines and into her uterus.  Indeed, Melody was pregnant with her parasite.  Now Melody was freaked, the doctor reassured her that whether the parasite was in her intestines or uterus, that when the paperwork was done that the surgery could still be performed.  Scared, yet confident, Melody returned home, disgusted at the creature that had taken up residence inside of her.

Weeks five, six and seven rolled by.  Within those three weeks, the parasite grew an incredible amount!  Melody looked full-term pregnant!  She felt like it too, her belly was round and firm, her back ached and she felt tired all day long.  Night time was a hastle now.  Melody tried sleeping on her back, but the parasite weighed heavily on her, and when she laid on her side, she could actually see the parasite squirming under her flesh.  The sight sickened her, she ended up sleeping upright on her couch.

When the eighth week creeped up, Melody felt like she was going to explode, now it looked like she was carrying twins.  Mel also had a new disturbance.  No matter how she sat or laid down, she could see the parasite moving under her flesh and now she could FEEL it.  The parasite was, without a doubt, HUGE.  As it her belly constantly squirmed and bulged, a low gurgling noise could also be heard...

The ninth week came and by this time, Melody was ready to give up.  Her belly looked full term with triplets and looked ready to burst!  Mel was also too big to move, she sat on her couch all day and placed her hands on her actively moving belly.  The gurgling noise had gotten louder and more frequent as well.  Melody fell asleep earlier than usual that night, but was awakened rather early:  While she slept, her parasite seemed to have a massive growth spurt.  Melody was aroused by a sharp pain from her entire gut, she put her hands on her belly's sides and flet how tight her skin already was and felt it becoming tighter and tighter.  To her horror, she saw the parasite begin to grow before her very eyes.

Bigger and bigger, the parasite swelled, it's body shaking her entire belly in a ripple like manner as it doubled its size within minutes.  Melody moaned in pain as her belly grew in every direction, acting as a fleshy weight against her whole body.  Her belly rumbled with gurgles and sloshes, her hands clenched on her tight, shiny flesh, her belly began to heave itself outward more and more from her navel, slwoly lowering itself down toward her thighs.  Each passing second her belly would shake and pulse with the parasite inside of it.  Melody passed out from the pain, but the parasite kept on growing.  When the spurt had finally ended, Melody looked full-term with sextuplets and ready to pop!

Luckily for Melody, her doctor was concerned for her health and sent the paramedics to bring her to the hospital for observations.  When they arrived, the found Melody a gint balloon of her former-self and quickly brought her to the hospital.  She was still unconscious.  That night, the paperwork had finally been approved and the surgery was scheduled right away.

The doctors gently cut into Melody's tightened globe of a belly and began to remove the incredicly large parasite, inch by inch.  But to their suprise, what they pulled from Meldoy's body was not a parasite, but an alien infant!

Apparently while exploring the ruins of ancient civilizations, Melody had come in contact with substantial amounts of radiation that had been emitted from alien space crafts, the radiation had altered her genetic structure to mimic the aliens', which to everyone's suprise, are asexual beings.  The genetic anomaly in also permanent.  Poor Melody, doomed to random and extreme pregnancy for the rest of her life...

-The End?
Bored. Random idea. Enjoy.
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DrFowler Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You looove Alien Impregnations, don't you? I was quite happy with the fresh new parasite-pregnancy idea. At least how it was explained made sense.
One of my favorites.
Awesome story!
great alien impregnation story
Have you read the Ender series? There's a concept in there that I think applies to this situation.

No human law would ever try to save a parasite - even an endangered one - over a human.
Is that the one with the 'Starters' book?
No... Orson Scott Card's sci-fi series. The specific books are "Speaker for the Dead" and "Xenocide." The core idea is that any species from another world that poses a credible threat to human life and either cannot communicate or refuses to communicate can only be considered as hostile.
Classic Alien Impregnation story! Ingenious!
shotgunner982 Nov 18, 2011
very good story.belly babe never stops impressing!
Love a good alien pregnancy story.
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