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Maria was silent.  Her hands and ankles were bound to the cold, metal table, her naked body shivered and her flesh was icy to the touch.  A tear, glistened in her pale blue eyes before it rolled down her cheek.  Maria could only hear the distant foot steps of her captors as they pasced eagerly back and forth, never taking their gaze off her.  One approached and brushed her raven hair from her face.  The lights above blinded her from the faces of those who took her.

After several grueling hours of silent and stillness, the room began to echo with the sounds of a cart being wheeled toward her exposed form.  A large being enveloped by the shadows of the room, took a glass container from the metal cart.  Maria struggled to look down past her frozen body and focus her eyes on the container.  Within, was a single mass.  It did not look human, but it did not look like any other creature Maria had seen before.

The shadowed being walked toward Maria, he moved with purpose.  In his hands he held the container with the being within.  Maria was able to get a better view of what was within.  To her horror, it appeared to not be alive, yet it was not dead either.  The unknown form within would twitch occassionally, with every twitch Maria's heart beat faster with worry and fear.

Her eyes never left the container, it was almost hypnotic, she was being drawn to whatever it was, lurking in mystery.  The shadowed being then stood over her, still holding the container.  Upon closer inscpection, Maria estimated its size to be the size of a basketball.  It had small limbs that looked like they could be legs and arms...  and a tail!  

Maria looked harder at the mass of twitching life.  Yes, it definiately had limbs to be its arms and legs, and much to her suprise, it did seem to have a tail.  The ends of the arms and legs seemed to be hands and feet with five, near microscopic, digits on each.  The tail seemed to end in a point.

The form within twitched again and its body turned.  Maria looked hard at the tail, but soon her gaze was averted by another abnormality.  On its shoulder were boney protrusions.  One might say they were to beginning's of a pair of wings...

Just as Maria was ready let out a scream of terror, a mask was placed over her nose and mouth.  The shadowed hands held it firmly over her, Maria tried as best as she could to remove it, but to no avail.  After a few seconds of frantic struggling, Maria passed out.  Her last thoughts were of this being her final moments of life, never knowing who took and her and why...

In a cold sweat, Maria quickly sat up in her bed!  It was all a dream.  She looked about her room in a panic, waiting for the shadowed being to appear.  Maria took in several deep breaths before breathing a sigh of relief.

Maria turned her legs to step out of her bed and begin her day, wanting to share with her friends her bizarre dream, when she felt a pain in her ankles.  Maria sat back on her bed and lifted her feet to examine them.  Around her ankles were circular bruises, as if she were tied down.  

Frightened, she began to drag her fingers across the bruises when she noticed more bruises on her wrists.  "It...    it was a dream...  wasn't it?"

Maria stood again and looked in the mirror.  She quickly threw off her nightgown and examined her reflection.  There were bruises about her face as well.  When she looked carefully, she could see the outlines of two hands.  She began backed away from the mirror when she noticed something else.  Her abdomen was swollen.

What was once a flat, taut, belly, one that matched her trim and lean figure, was bulging outward.  At first glance, one would assume Maria to be four months pregnant.  Maria turned to her side, the mass was even more noticeable from this angle.  She indeed looked pregnant, but Maria knew this was impossible, she was infertile.

Maria gently pressed into the growth with her index and middle fingers.  It gave into her pressure, but not far, it was a firm mass that bulging from her delicate frame.  She began to gently rub over it.

As she stroked her mysterious addition, she felt pressure suddenly build and the growth bulged outward further, she now appear to be five months pregnant.  Another teared began to roll down her cheek when the mass within suddenly twitched...  

 Maria covered her mouth in horror.  The twitching within her belly continued.  She could not avert her gaze from her swollen belly.  What was happening to her?  What or who, was inside her?  Why was it there?  Who did this to her?  How could this all possibly happen from a dream?  These questions tormented her thoughts and she could not tune them out.  Her belly was still swollen to the size of a five months pregnant belly, and she rubbed it with great confusion.

She stared at her body in the mirror's reflection, her trim form was not as she remembered from the night before.  Her room was cold, and her naked body began to shiver.  Maria was able to focus long enough to put on a black bra and matching panties, she did not dare to look away from her belly as she dressed.  Still feeling cold, Maria pulled on a pair of denim shorts that were usually loose on her, but now fit her without slipping.

Just as Maria was reaching for a shirt to put on, she felt sudden pressure build in her abdomen again.  She stared down in horror as she watched her belly suddenly push itself outward, a low gurgle was heard within.  Her belly now looked as htough she were six months pregnant.  She was round and her flesh was tight.  Her belly button was starting to get forced out from the mass and weight behind it.

Maria started to cry again, she caressed her extended belly.  Suddenly the twitching returned, but was much more forceful than it had been.  What was gentle movement, was now full movement.  Her belly had become quite heavy with the rapid growth, she sat on her bed trying to rest her body from the previous nights bruises.

Still sitting on hr bed, she started intently at her belly.  The movement was frequent enough that Maria could almost time when the next twitch would come.  she closed her eyes and tried to remember her dream and all the details she could.  She rubbed her expanded belly and thought deeply about the night before.

Maria was able to remember being shackled to the metal table by her wrists and ankles.  The very thought of the cold table against her exposed flesh was enough to make her shiver.  She remembered the shaodwed being who said nothing to her, but never left her side.  Maria rubbed her belly more, the creature within pressed against her moving hands.  It was then, Maria remembered the container and the twitching form within.

Her eyes opened quickly and a cold sweat ran over her body.  The container.  What was inside the container, was now inside her!  Living inside her.  Growing... inside her...

A low gurgle was heard again as her belly swelled with yet another growth spurt!  Her belly was now the size a woman seven months pregnant!  Maria was so big, so quickly, the thought of the creature within, feeding off her and moving mortyfied her!  

Maria looked at her belly, it was so round and large it completely covered her lap, only her knees were exposed.  Her legs were hanging off the edge of the bed still and her ankles began to swell from both the bruises and additional weight.  Her belly button looked like it was about to pop out at any moment.  

The movement within her belly became more aggressive and started to hurt her as the creature within stretched and grew.  Maria leaned back to study her belly.  She looked carefully everytime the creature moved.  To Maria's horror, the creature was moving with enough force to be seen from the outside of her belly.  It bulged and squirmed and twitched more and more.  When Maria looked at her belly as it moved, she could see its limbs press outward against her flesh creating an eerie outline of what was within.

Maria was exausted from her growth.  Her belly was shaking and bulging in any and all directions possibly.  She rubbed her mass and tried to understand what was happening to her.  She looked in the mirror and saw how far her belly was stretching outward.  Her abdomen was beginning groan in protest over her new physique.  How big could Maria possibly get?  And how long would this nightmare last?  

Her hands rubbed on either side of her shaking belly, feeling the creature within move, tyring to quiet her groaning belly.  Maria had no answers to the questions she asked.  Can she find them?  

With growing fear and pain, Maria felt her growing mass with both hands.  The squirming and movement within was still growing with intensity.  Her belly, still swollen to that of a woman seven months pregnant, didn't seem to be attacthed to her frame.  It moved as it pleased and was constantly stretching into directions that didn't seem physically possible.

The dream from the night before was haunting her thoughts.  Everything from the dream seemed so real, yet impossible to understand.  The shadowed being's presence was lingering, Maria was certain to see him standing over her shoulder as his twisted experiment finsihed itself, inside her evergrowing belly.  Maria's concentration was broken only by the familiar gurgling sound that eminating from her abdomen, only the gurgling was louder than she had ever remembered.

Maria leaned back and waiting for the inevitable growth spurt.  After instendse pressure built within, hey belly lurched forward and groaned!  The pain was becoming more than she could bear, as she stretched and bulged out from all directions.  Maria was rounder and tighter than she ever thought she'd be, her belly mimicked a woman now eight months pregnant.  Her belly button had finally popped out from and inny to an outty.  The moving and growing creature inside was relentless as it pushed itself all around her abdomen, it seemed determined to never let Maria forget about its presence.

Studying her immense form, Maria feared she may tear open from the pressure building inside her.  She heard the button on her shorts finally snap and tear away from the fabric, the force and weight was too much.  Her hands rubbed all over her acheing belly, but never once did her hands meet, she had grown too large!  Suprisingly though, her belly had no stretch marks or blood veins disfiguring her flesh, her skin was as pure as it had been when she was still petite.  Also curiously, her hips had not widened to accompany the extra weight and her breasts remained their natural C-cup size.

A bead of sweat glistened off her brow.  Maria's fears were intensified by these realizations.  Her body was not registering the fact that she was indeed pregnant.  How could she survive a pregnancy when her body was not coping with the changes?

Exausted from her ordeal, Maria fell back on her bed.  Her belly sloshed toward her chest with a sudden rush, the weight nearly knocked the wind out of her, as her belly slowly stopped quivering from her movement.  Now her belly just buldged in and out as the creature within became more restless and stronger with every growth spurt.  She could barely stay awake, she rested and thought more of her bizarre dream.

The image of the creature in the glass container was all she could picture.  Maria remembered his four limbs resembling a human, but that soon lead to the memory of the wings and tail!  Perhaps these additional appendages are why she felt so much movement.  The twitching was now only a pleasant memory compared the kicks and punches from the creature within.

Once more, Maria was taken from her thoughts by another sudden build up of pressure and gurgling, now louder than every before!  She watched in horror as her bulging belly stretched further out from her body, and angled down to rest against her thighs.  She watched as her belly button tilted down and away from her sight as she felt her mass growing and pressing down with tremendous weight against her legs.  The bulging and squirming became so forceful, everytime the creature moved, it took all of Maria's remaining strength to remain in place on her bed.  

Maria, who was once as trim and lean as high school cheerleader, now looked at though she were nine months pregnant and ready to pop!  How is this possible?  Well, at least she can't get any bigger, right?

Maria looked as though she were ready to give birth at any moment.  Her belly was massive and bulging, every movement caused Maria to moan in agony and caused her abdomen to groan in protest.  Her fragile and exausted body was starting shake from the strain of the extra weight that was now a fleshy incubator for the creature within.

Her eyes stared at her belly, watching as it stretched and shook on its own.  Every so often, Maria could see the outlines of the creature when it pressed itself against her distended flesh.  She saw an arm and what looked like a wing.  

Looking to her left, she noticed her phone and decided she needed to call someone.  But who could Maria call for this kind of situation?  Maria decided to call 911 as a woman in labor, she had no choice at this point, what other medical reason could she possibly have to go to the hospital?  As she dialed the number, the cursed pressure built in her belly yet again!

Maria dropped the phone and watched in dread as her belly once again grew!  It grew with such force and weight it pulled Maria off her back and forward.  Her belly stretched out further in all directions, the weight was growing and her belly gurgled loudly.  Lying back down, she felt the weight of her belly would crush her.  Looking in disbelief of what was once a flat, taut belly, now resembled a woman night months pregnant, with twins!

A tear rolled down her cheek as she picked up the phone.  Her hands shaking, she dialed 911.  The operator on the other line could hear the pain and fear in Maria's voice as she gave told him her address and condition.  He tried to calm and reassure Maria that help was on the way and that she had nothing to fear.  She thought to herself how he knew nothing about her condition and how she wished he was there just to prove to him she had a right to be afraid.

Reluctantly, she hung up the phone and listened for the blare of sirens to approach her home.  Maria rubbed her belly, her hands unable to run over her front, only the sides.  She felt more and more movement as she lyed on her bed.  Kicks and punches and stretches strained her round orb of flesh.  The creature was getting so strong that as it moved, it moved her long with it, now more than ever!  She rocked side to side and would occasionally be lifted forward.  A sickening sound of sloshing could be heard with each movement, her belly had become engorged with fluids and looked like she'd pop if someone poked her.

In the distanace, Maria heard the ambulance sirens and soon saw the flashing blue and red lights.  "Thank God", she thought to herself, thinking that her ordeal was almost over, when more gurgling came from her belly.  Unbelieveably, Maria's belly was growing AGAIN!  The growth spurts were becoming increasingly violent, and were testing Maria's will to live!

Her belly lurched outward again, a sudden slosh of fluid was heard and she stretched and bulged.  Her legs could no longer support the growing weight and were forced apart, her belly rested on her bed between her legs and started to crush in on her waist causing great pain.  The gurgling was so loud, it drowned out the approaching sirens.  Her belly had become so large, it seemed to pool from her, taking up the width of her bed.  Her engorged abdomen towered above her and seemed to mock her delicate frame.  Maria started to cry as the growth spurt had mercifully ended, but left its impact on her.

Through her tears, Maria looked at her belly.  To anyone who saw her, they'd think she was nine months pregnant with triplets!  The bulging creature had become so strong, it left visible bruises on her belly.  Maria continued to bulge and stretch with every movement, but now, the sides of her belly seemed to be pulsing.  It was as if the creature was warning her that it was ready to come out, whether Maria was or not.

A knock on the door distracted Maria from her form and soon two young paramedics came into her bedroom.  They looked at her and then called down to their colleagues that they had a woman in labor with multiples.  Maria sighed in her mind, thankful that the medics weren't alarmed by her size.  Gently, they lifted Maria forward and with all their strength, managed to lift her exausted body onto the awaiting stretcher.  They gave her oxygen and wheeled her gently down her stairs and into the ambulance.  

As they drove off for the hospital, they asked Maria how far along she was in her pregnancy and how many she was expecting.  She did not have an answer.  She didn't even know what to tell them!  "What does it matter?  Just get me to the hospital!"  Nodding with obvious agreement over her outburst, they hooked her up to a monitor and gave her some medication for her pain.

Maria's predicament was nearing its end.  Or at least, that's what Maria hoped...

Maria rubbed the sides of her protuding belly.  The paramedic checked her vital signs and asked for the E.T.A. of their arrival to the hospital.  She sighed and tried to think of how the doctors will react to, not only her massive belly, but what was growing inside her massive belly.  Her body began to quake and almost throb from the growing pressure in her belly.  She felt the same pulsing sensation, but now it was much faster and more obvious.

The ambulance pulled to the front of the hospital, the two paramedics lifted her down from the back and pushed her into the hallway.  She watched as a team of doctors hurried toward her, thinking they were her angles to free her from her curse, but they addressed the paramedics instead.  While Maria was being taken to the hospital, there was a massive car pile-up on the freeway and they needed to all the help the could get for the wounded.  One doctor checked Maria and determined she could wait for a few more minutes, they pushed her into an empty room and left her alone.  A nurse entered and quickly hooked Maria up to a heart monitor and some more oxygen, as she was about to give Maria's acheing belly an examination with the ultra sound, she was called a way to assist the wounded.

Maria tried to lean forward to see out the door, but her belly was forcing her back.  She sighed and began to look about her room when the impossible happened.  The pressure in her belly returned and quickly built up its intensity and began to do its damage to Maria.

She moaned in agony as her belly gurgled loudly and strecthed outward yet again.  Maria was bulging and stretching in all directions, the weight in her growing belly had become so great earlier, that her legs were forced apart, but are now further apart that from before.  Her belly swelled and forced her back into her bed as it crawled accross it, nearing the edge.  The bars on the bed began to creak and bend with her massive weight.  Maria looked at her belly, thnking her gorwth spurt was over, she saw what looked like the belly of a woman nine months with quadruplets.

But...  Maria did NOT stop growing!  Now her belly had begun to grow upward, pressing its way against her ribs making it nearly impossible to breath.  Her heart raced as the swelling and groaning continued.  The creature inside her moved frantically and caused the dreaed sloshing of liquids noise to continue.  Maria's belly stretched and bulged well past a woman nine months pregant with quintuplets!

Maria screamed in pain, but the chaos of the accident vixtims drowned her out.  Her belly was impossibly big!  Maria could no longer see past her immense form.  Her abdomen continued its chorus of groaning protest and her belly mocked it with its gurgling.  Maria's belly was so round and tight that she felt she may explode or tear open at any moment.  The movements of the creature had become so violent that the bruises on her belly were everywhere and she felt several of ribs being cracked as it fought against her.  Her belly now pulsed from all directions, it seemed to be pulling itself forward and away from Maria's torso.  Still pinned down against her bed, the weight crushing her, Maria had no choice but to wait and hope someone would save her.

The creature in her belly was trying to break free, but as it struggled, it forced Maria's already strined skin and belly to stretch further outward, it could not escape!  Her belly was still moving away from her body when a nurse walked in and screamed!

Doctors came running from all directions and stopped at the horror that was Maria's grossly expanded belly.  Thinking quickly, the doctors rushed her to the emergency operating room.  Her belly bulged and quaked the entire trip, her bed creaked with all the weight on it.    Maria was placed on the operating table, she had to be lifted by six orderly's to get there.

One doctor was scrubbing up and addressing the other doctors on how to perform an emergency c-section.  One nurse brought in an ultra sound machine, as she was setting it up, she asked Maria how many she thought she was having.  Maria did not answer her, she only glared and gave her a look of "Why does that matter?"  One of the assisting surgeons gently placed his hand on Maria's belly and estimated she was at full term with sextuplets.  The nurse then placed the ultra sound wand onher belly and had to stand on her toes to scan the top.

Everyone in the room staed at the monitor and was silent.  There was only one...  thing...  inside her massive belly!  It was too big to be a human fetus, but what else could it be?  Suddenly, a man dressed all in black stepped into the operating room and spoke to the doctors.  There was something familiar about him, but Maria couldn't place it.  As she was about to ask the new person who he was, a mask was placed over her face and she drifted off into sleep.

Maria's dream was a nightmare.  She had dreamt that her belly was growing in a non-stop growth spurt and that all those aorund her just watched and did nothing to help her.  In her dream, her belly was twice the size as it had grown while she was awake and was still growing, until she burst!

Sitting up quickly in a cold sweat, a nurse had placed her hands on Maria's shoulders to gently lay her back into her bed.  Maria threw off her blanket and rubbed all ove her belly, but it was flat and trim, just as it had been the night before.  Maria noticed a bandage on her abdomen and it hurt when she touched it.

The nurse had called for a doctor.  When he entered, he explained that Maria was recovering from an emergency surgery to remove her appendix and that she had been suffering a very high fever.  She told the doctor everything she could remember about her dreams and how she felt like her belly was going to tear open.  The doctor kind of smirked at Maria and said she was hallucinating from the fever and in her hallucinations, the pain from her swelling appendix caused her to have bizarre dreams.  Maria breathed a sigh of relief and layed back in her bed.

The next few days passed quickly when Maria was discharged from the hospital.  She walked up the stairs and into her bedroom.  She undressed and as she was pulling out a clean top, she felt a twitch in her belly...

-The End.
Got bored. Quickly wrote something. Yes, I am into sci-fi.
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chichir23 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Student Artist
This kinda reminds me of the SCP Foundation for example the dark figure reminds of the plague doctor and Maria reminds me of scp 231.
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This is quite intriguing to me... I find it arousing, because of the growing belly and movement inside it - which is why I tend to enjoy your stories - yet I also find it easily scary. I almost feel it should be turned into its own mini-film or something for the horror portion alone. Very well done indeed, BB.
BellyBabe22 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
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This story is Very good and I really like it!
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I liked the story .you should continue it
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i think they put the twitching life inside her. :o
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Not bad. I'd like to see it continued.
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Thanks! I'll write te next phase soon!
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